National Influencer Day!

& i3CON

October 6th 2020

National Influencer Day (NiD)

National Influencer Day, October 6th, is a day to celebrate Influencers, the hugely valuable creators who bring their expertise, unique perspectives and engaged audiences together with brands for remarkable impact.

Opening Remarks for National Influencer Day and i3CON from Andres Echenique, Perlu CEO.

Influencer Insight & Impact Conference (i3CON)

As part of the inauguration of National Influencer Day, Perlu organized an online conference, i3CON, to bring brand and influencer voices together to discuss topics that influencers need to be successful as brand partners.

The theme for the 2020 i3CON was helping influencers manage their way through the huge disruptions in the marketing landscape that 2020 has brought, with an emphasis on the knowledge and insights can influencers can bring to brand partnerships to help brands make better decisions for how to plan and execute campaigns.

We hope you’ll find some of the following “Best Of” clips from i3CON interesting and useful.

i3CON 2020 Highlights

Advice for Influencers...

Advice for Brands...

Influencers in the Film Industry…

i3CON 2020 LineUp
Photo of Stephanie Stabulis

Stephanie Stabulis

Social Creates Impact


Building Authenticity & Credibility As A Creator

How do people like managers, salespeople and influencers establish the authenticity and credibility they need to be successful? In this knowledge dump, we’ll examine ways to build authenticity into what you create. Then we’ll dig into what brands are expecting from influencers, and conversely what influencers expect from brands.

About Stephanie 

A 10+ year social media marketing veteran with over 7 years leading the partnerships between brands and influencers. Stephanie provides consulting that empowers more innovative, mutually beneficial, collaboration-focused influencer marketing campaigns, programs, and partnerships.

Photo of Jeremy Garelick

Jeremy Garelick

American High


How Hollywood Can Utilize Influencers Today & Tomorrow

About Jeremy 

Jeremy Garelick has become an industry leader as one of the creative minds behind several successful comedies. His resume includes The Break Up, The Hangover, and The Wedding Ringer. Jeremy is currently the founder and CEO of production company American High.

Photo of Tom Potts

Tom Potts

(Sub) Culture Club

Logos for Apple, Stoli, FedEx

Panel Discussion

The New Era of Influencer Marketing - How Brands and Influencers are Adapting

About Tom 

Tom has worked in media planning, communication strategy and agency operations for more than 16 years in agencies including Edelman and Starcom Mediavest Group. He’s worked with brands including Apple, FedEx, Stoli Vodka & Remy Cointreau group.Through Subculture Club, he provides strategic and go-to-market planning for brands.

Photo of Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald

Wisconsin Mommy

Maureen Fitzgerald works with businesses to help them develop their digital marketing strategies. Through her persona “Wisconsin Mommy”, she’s worked with brands including Maytag, Purex, HP, and Coppertone. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

Logos for Wall Street Journal, Maytag, HP, Coppertone
Photo of Meg Jerrard

Meg Jerrard

Mapping Megan

Meg Jerrard is an Australian journalist who has visited 100+ countries across all seven continents and has accumulated a wealth of firsthand knowledge about what the world has to offer. Her articles have been widely published and acknowledged by publications such as National Geographic, the New York Times, and Forbes.

Logos for The New York Times, Forbes, National Geographic
Photo of Kyle Priest

Kyle Priest

Strategy & Marketing Officer

Kyle Priest drives predictable, immense, and profitable growth with customer centric and employee centric digital transformation as an executive leader of public and private companies alike. His experience includes working with Crown Partners, Razorfish, and most recently Solera.

Logos for Solera, Razorfish
Photo of Adam Rossow

Adam Rossow

Group RFZ



An Influencer's Best Friend

Measurement can be a scary word for influencers. With it comes the pressure of delivering ROI and the discomfort with broad metrics that may not capture the true impact of their efforts. However, as influencer marketing continues to grow and competition for programs stiffens, proving effectiveness in a relevant way can be the key to differentiating yourself and growing your business. In this session influencers will learn the latest in measurement practices and discover how the output can give them tangible business outcomes that help them stand out.

About Adam 

An experienced marketer and executive, Adam cut his teeth in the integrated marketing and thought leadership space. He was a Co-founder of iModerate, an online research firm, and during the shift from offline to online he helped agencies navigate this new landscape. Adam has been an avid proponent of digital content marketing since its inception.

i3CON Hack-A-Thon 2020

Influencer Marketing Campaign Hackathon

With the sponsorship of the United Arab Emirates, i3CON featured an innovative marketing hackathon where teams of influencers worked together to create influencer campaign concepts to promote a short film, “Road to Abu Dhabi: A Documentary on the 2019 Special Olympics World Games”.

$5k was awarded to the winning team.

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